21- Outdoor pool opens 3-6Pm - Must be 70 degrees and sunny.

21-28 - Business Office closed. We can still help you ask for a Membership Director.

25 - Outdoor Pool open at 11AM- must be 70 degrees and sunny.

28 - Memorial Day - Club closes at 6PM - Morning Classes, Crossfit only. No Speed and Agility. No tennis.

29- Boot Camp Starts



2 - Futures tennis tournament

4 - Hydro-aerobics classes start outside

4 - Tennis and Sports camps start

5- Swimming Lesson Start - Every, Tues.,Wed, Thurs.

4-9 Friends Free Week - Bring your friends in Free - Best Offer of the Year

9 - Outdoor Pool Beach Party 11-1:30PM

17 - Happy Father's Day

29 - Corporate Mud Volleyball in South Ogden

      Sponsored by the OAC, Jessen Oral Surgery,  and

          Doug Dingman Printing

30 - South Ogden City Days Mud Volleyball Tournament 

      Sponsored by the OAC, Jessen Oral Surgery,  and

                 Doug Dingman Printing



4th - Club Closed

24 - Club closes at 6PM - Normal Tennis schedule, Business office closed, no evening speed and agility







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