Program Classifications

Academy Classes -
• Active Tournament partcipants
• Attend Class 2 days a week
• 1 practice match per week

These classes are for highly focused traveling
tournament players that are willing to partcipate
in classes daily in order to put in the necessary
time to reach their highest potental. You are
charged regardless if you attend or not.
**All Academy Class registrations must be approved by Tennis Director**

Varsity - High school players who compete in a minimum of 3 USTA tournaments per year. Must be on your high school varsity team and of the level.

Varsity Prep - Intermediate - Lower high school players; Junior varsity players. Some tournament experience. Players age 13-18.

- Advanced player - ages 8-14. This class is for those looking to move to the Academy level;standing in need of technical improvement.

- Beginner - Technically based class. 8 and Under - Beginner - Must be able to follow instructions. Players age 4-8.

Pee Wee - Beginner - Players age 4-8.

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