New Club Software Login Information

New Club Software Coming
Wednesday, July 20th

The Club is changing software systems this week, as we are not able to continue with our current system. Many of you have been asking for some of the changes that this new system will allow, so we are excited to finally bring this to you.

The transition will take place on Wednesday, July 20th
An email containing your new username and password will be sent on Wednesday, July 20th by 5:00 pm along with detailed instructions on how to log in and use the new system.

We will have a dedicated staff member available every day to answer technical support questions. You can reach our tech support staff member via email at [email protected]com, beginning on Thursday.

Thank you and please look for your username/password via email next Wednesday night.

We appreciate your patience with the staff, as there is always a learning curve when you go live with new software!

HOW TO LOG INTO Empower M.E. for the first time.

Go to the Member Login Button on our website located on the top left or bottom right of every page.
or go to: https://www.ourclublogin.com/login/510659

•You will enter your Member ID provided at the top the email that you received on 7/20/22 as both your Username and your Password.


 You will be asked if you want to change your Username. This is optional


•You will be prompted to change your password. This is recommended!


•Once you have completed these steps you will be on your main Dashboard of your online portal.


If you did not receive an email with your new member id please contact the club at [email protected] 

Empower M.E. - Your Member Login

Empower M.E. is the online component of our new club software.The "M.E." stands for "Member Experience" and this powerful new software provides the ability for you to do more than ever from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

With Empower M.E. you can:
View and Edit your account information
See your account history or make a payment on your account
Book appointments or courts and see your upcoming appointments
View and edit your account information
See your account history and make a payment on  your account
Manage family member information on your account
View your visits
We are also going live with our new app on July 21!   

Our new app is going to be amazing! It allows you access to many Club features that you already use and new features that will be a great resource. We highly recommend that you download this app as it will be a one stop place for you to access all your Club needs.

Features Include:

Group Fitness Schedule - View a day or the week. View updated schedules for instructors and class types.

Membership Portal : Access your member account, pay your bill, view check-ins, and update billing information.

Tennis - View a day or the week. Make a court reservation and invite friends to play with you.

4300SC' See the schedule and connect to SugarWod 

Personal Trainers - See available trainers and set up an appointment.

Barcode - Scan your barcode to come into the club.

Profile - Set up your personal profile.

Goals: Set your fitness Goals


Please go to the App store and download the new Ogden Athletic Club - CAC app.

From the Google Play store download the Ogden Athletic Club - CAC from Smart Health Clubs

Your username and password credentials for our new app will be sent to you on Thursday, July 21st via a separate email from Ogden Athletic Club - CAC 

We are excited to share our new app and member portal with you.

Again, if you have any questions or problems with logging into the member portal or app please contact the club at our support email [email protected]

How to Add your Member Portal to your Phone If you are not using our new app

Our new club management software offers an outstanding member interface that you can save to your phone, similar to an app.

To access your member portal from your phone's home screen, follow these simple steps.



  • ●  In Safari browser, go to the member portal login page: 

  • ●  At the bottom of your screen click the middle or "share" button.

  • ●  Scroll down to "Add to Home Screen"

  • ●  Type in the name you want to appear for this tile.

  • ●  Click Add at the top of the screen.

  • ●  This tile will appear on your Home Screen and will look like an App. Click this to go directly to the

    portal to register for classes or make reservations.


  • ●  In your browser, go to the login page:

  • ●  At the top right of your screen, click the 3 vertical dots.

  • ●  Click "Add to Home Screen"

  • ●  Type in the name you want to appear for this tile.

  • ●  Click "Add."

  • ●  This tile will appear on your Home Screen and will look like an App. Click this to go directly to the

    portal to register for classes or make reservations.

    Feel free to delete the old app from your phone - it'll be inactive after 7/20