Nicole McConkie, France Ironman, 2019 

The saying goes, "champions are not born, they're made." But have you ever had the thought, I wish I knew how they are made; how do they train to break barriers and overcome obstacles…to become a champion? If road races or triathlons are in your future, we have answers for you.

Meet Nicole McConkie, OAC lead cycling instructor and triathlon champion.

Nicole dabbled in triathlons a little about 17 years ago but got serious about the sport after having her last child, about 11 years ago. As a youth she was a swimmer. Later she added cycling to her repertoire. Before long cycling was more than just a hobby, but a passion, yet she still wasn't achieving the results she hoped to achieve. It wasn't until a friend made a training suggestion that things started to change.

Nicole related: "I vividly remember the conversation I had with a friend that suggested I start riding with a power meter. 'It will change your life,' he said. I wasn't sure I believed it could help me be a stronger rider, but I went for it. I got a meter on my bike I ride outside. Shortly after, the club (Ogden Athletic Club), got Stages indoor bikes with a power meter and it has changed my life. I have had many races that I have made it to the podium as well as qualifying and racing Ironman world in France. I do most of my riding at the club on the Stages bikes. I find it the most convenient and beneficial way to train on the bike. The science behind the color zones works. No matter how big or small your goals are, training with power can help you achieve those goals."

"Outside of cycling classes I try to do two BodyPump classes and one sculpt class each week. I feel strength training is so helpful and important to balance out all the cardio from swimming, biking and running. Preparing for a race I will do brick workouts. A bike and then a run usually to get my legs used to changing sports. Training for an Ironman requires some long rides and runs. I prefer to be outside but have been thankful to have the club on days outside just won't work. The workouts inside I feel are the biggest "bang for your buck" kind of thing. When short on time it is so convenient to make a few adjustments to the bike and you are ready to ride. The color zones help you challenge yourself in a way that is difficult to do outside. Once you ride outside after zone training inside you can see the benefits of your time inside."

This June, Nicole took 1st Place in the East Canyon Triathlon women's division and placed 10th overall with a time of 2 hours 20 minutes.




At the Ogden Athletic Club, we have cycling classes six days a week at all different times of the day. Each class utilizes the StagesStudio Pro cycling program, with the power meter tracking that Nicole depends upon to increase her race readiness. If you want to ride with Nicole, join one of her Endurance Cycling classes: Mondays at 9am or Saturdays at 8am. She and our other amazing instructors will help you find where you are now and become the rider, perhaps even the champion, you want to be!