1. Memberships are assumed to be active and are subject to monthly dues unless WRITTEN notice of cancellation is received by OAC thirty days prior to the date of membership cancellation. Please send your cancellation request to [email protected].
  2. Memberships are subject to default if the member account is more than 60 days in arrears. Default terminates member use. However, all debts are still due and payable. Members who have signed a one year contract must fulfill the obligation of all monies due to the club. Monies may be due, however we reserve the right to not allow visitation due to late
  3. If legal steps are required to collect an overdue account, the member is also liable for any reasonable collection fees.
  4. Payments on member account balances are due by the 10th of the month, and $10.00 late fee is charged on any past due balance.
  5. Dues are not related to member use of club facilities. Dues and other charges must be paid monthly, regardless of the frequency of member use. Dues uphold the validity of a member’s license to use the club.
  6. All initiation fees are non-refundable, even if the membership is abandoned by the member or defaulted by the club.


Members can freeze their membership for up to 4 months per calendar year. There is a $10 charge per month (unless there is a medical reason in writing and then it is FREE)  and the freeze must be done by email.  Please send to [email protected].


Members are assumed to be active unless written notice of cancellation is received by the OAC thirty (30) days prior to the requested cancellation date. Dues will continue to be billed for thirty (30) days after written notice of cancellation is received.  As stated on each OAC contract all cancellations must be by email. Please email [email protected]. Cancellations require a 30 written notice and there will be an early termination fee if the contract minimum term has not been completed. (Early terminations fees = Single $75.00, Couple $130, Family $180.)Completed Cancellation forms are then processed in the Business Office and a copy of Final Cancellation Form with the Balance Due is emailed to the Member.  Cancellations are not complete until both parties have confirmed the paperwork and all payments are processed and complete. Members CANNOT cancel their membership over the phone.


Only the Business Office can answer this question. Months left on a contract are impacted if a Membership is put on Freeze. The months a membership are on Freeze do not count down contract time. Call the Business Office (9 am to 3 pm) at 801-479- 6500 Ext 6 to find out how many months you have remaining on your contract.


You can call the Business Office (9 am to 3 pm) at 801-479- 6500 Ext 6 and update your credit card information over the phone or you can talk to a Membership Coordinator between 9-6PM


Call the Business Office (9 am to 3 pm) at 801-479- 6500 Ext 6. You can also check your balance online (you need your Club Automations username and password). If you do not know your username and password contact the Business Office and they can send you this information. Front Desk computers do not always reflect the correct balance due so please contact the Business Office for this information!


Upgrading or downgrading a membership from one category to another is allowed. All requests for membership changes must be made in writing. No retroactive changes will be made. To change your membership, please contact the Business Office for required form.


OAC issues all members bar coded key tags. Please present it when entering the club. If you lose your card, please notify the front desk.


When a member changes living status, he or she must notify OAC in writing within thirty (30) days of that change or be responsible for all back charges and/or fees. Examples of status change requiring notification include death, marriage, separation, divorce, or loss of dependency status by age, marriage, or change of residence. All notices must be in writing and delivered to the club via mail or in


When making charges to your account, please ensure that the staff member is given your membership number and full name to minimize billing errors. If you request that a member of your family not be allowed to make charges to your member account, it is the member’s responsibility to ensure that no charges are incurred.


Periodically it is necessary for OAC to revise its dues and fees in order to be able to operate our facility in a manner consistent with the Club’s philosophy and purpose. OAC strives to provide the best possible facility for its members and to maintain our facility in top condition. Dues and fees are set to allow the Club to operate in such a manner that these objectives can be met. Member dues may be adjusted annually based on the increase deemed necessary by Management to meet the operating budget for the following twelve months.


Prompt payment is greatly appreciated. A member whose account is not current by the last day of the billing month will be charged a late fee and all charge privileges suspended. This suspension may include use of facilities until the account is brought current. A member whose account is 60 days past due is subject to default and will have all membership privileges suspended, including use of facilities, until the account is brought current, unless special arrangements are made with the Accounting Department. Suspension means the Club facilities may not be used by anyone listed on the membership until the past due balance is paid.


Monthly dues are billed in advance. Statements are available monthly, on the first working day of the month and reflect the charges from the previous month plus the dues for the current month. Your payment is due by the 10th of the month and a late fee of $10.00 is charged on any past due balance. Memberships are subject to default if the account is more than 60 days in arrears. Any errors in billing must be brought to the attention of OAC within 30 days. If you would like a description of a particular charge, please call the Club, and ask for the Accounting Department. We are happy to substantiate any charge which appears on your monthly statement.


We have a great way of tracking your usage and billing statements.  When you join you will receive an email from us that has a login and password so that you may enter your account on our website.www.ogdenathletic.com  With that same login you are able to download our Ogden Athletic Club App for your convenience.  Through either the website or the app you can access our group fitness schedule, your billing statements and may other club conveniences and programs.  If you don’t have a login please contact the business office and they will be able to send you one as long as you provide a current email address.


Does my guest need to fill out a liability waiver?Each guest must fill out a liability waiver on their first visit.  Guest under 18 must have a parent complete the waiver before entry. To speed their entry or to sign a liability waiver for your child to enter you may fill out a waiver online by clicking here- Guest Waiver