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On September 8th, the South Ogden Area was hit by a severe windstorm. This wind storm was so strong it ripped our 4 court tennis bubble out of the angle iron bolted fasteners. As we watched the bubble come down, we were devastated. We immediately called the insurance company and started assessing the damage. Our bubble was ripped beyond repair, the angle irons were torn away from the cement, the air handler was bent, doors and door frames were bent and our lights were damaged.

After weeks of deliberation with experts in the field, chemists, constructor engineers, insurance agents, we decided to make a cement rope edge like our other bubble around the edge and have a new bubble built with a new air handler and generator.

We anticipated at the time that it would take about 3 months to get this up and running. (weather permitting) As we worked hard to get everything in motion and get the courts prepared, we came upon a setback that we did not expect. With the bubble off the courts, the court surface and the asphalt underneath were now exposed to the cold weather. These courts had not been exposed to the thawing and freezing of the weather conditions in many many years. Consequently, the asphalt began to crack.

This delayed the project as we tried to decide what our options were. We then concluded, with the help of all the experts, that we would take out the existing concrete and pour new asphalt. However, with the weather conditions, we realized that the asphalt cannot be poured until we reach 50-degree temperatures through the evenings.

We knew we were in for a time delay in the uprising of the new dome. The dome is being built and all the processes that can be done are in the works. However, we are delayed in the asphalt process until the weather breaks. We are hopeful that we can move forward with the project in April, but only time will tell with the Utah weather it is very unpredictable.

Our crew is ready to go when we get the okay and we anticipate the New Dome with great enthusiasm and anticipation. Our 2020 tennis year was a year with great challenges. Our hope and promise are that our 2021 the Dome will evolve our tennis program into the best facility and programming in Northern Utah. Thank you all for your patience as this project continues.

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