April Newsletter 2021

4300' SC


4300' Strength & Conditioning

Let us help you take the guesswork out of your training before summer! All classes are an hour long and include warm up, weightlifting, workout/conditioning, and mobility. You will be surprised what you can accomplish in that time. Each workout can be modified to your individual skill or physical level. The first class is always free, so come try a class today!


Youth 4300'SC

Both of our youth classes, strength & conditioning and weightlifting, are underway in 6 week sessions! These sessions will be our last until summer. We will have mini 3 week youth sessions over the summer in June and July. Watch for more information in upcoming newsletters. If you would like to be put on our sign-up list for these sessions now, contact Krystykka today!


4300'SC Team Training

Did you know 4300 offers team training? Training is available for all ages and all sports, in groups of 6 or more. This training is a great way to get your team in shape during the off season, it can be supplemented with in-season training and can be customized to fit the needs of each team!

Contact Krystykka with any questions or to sign up for any 4300'SC programs!
[email protected]

Child Care

Employee Highlight

My name is Jill Howe. I have been a member of OAC since 1997. I also have worked in the daycare during this time. I love all of the friends that I have made here over the years. When I was a young mother I struggled to find daycare for my young children so that I could get my much needed work out. When the gym that I was a member of closed I had the opportunity to come work here and bring my children with me. I loved this because I had a place that I could leave my children for a few hours and know that they were being well taken care of, and I was in the same building in case they needed me when I worked out. My children have all since moved out and I am now a grandma. I still work at the Kids Club because I love all the children that I get to see every week and I am still making new friends after all these years. It has been a difficult year, but OAC has been so good to put my membership on hold until I felt comfortable coming back to exercise, and I NEED IT!! Looking forward to getting my groove back!

Member Highlight


We have loved going to OAC. The entire experience is easy and straightforward. I love bringing the kids to the daycare. Their management is really committed to providing a safe, fun and loving environment for the kids and we're very thankful!

- Candis Patterson

Group Fitness

Thanks for joining us last month for our events! We have these events quarterly. It's a great opportunity to try out a program you've never tried before, or bring a friend and let them feel what the Group Fitness hype is all about. Look forward to another free event coming in June!

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Special thanks to our great sponsors who joined us for our events. They brought energy, fun and loads of free giveaways and discounts!

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StagesStudio Cycling is Here…So What's it all about?


StagesStudio Pro is all about your FTP, or your Functional Threshold Power or the best sustainable effort that a rider can maintain for one hour, as measured in WATTS. During class your instructor will take you through an FTP test, generally 3 minutes in duration, and the system will automatically calculate your individual FTP. After that, everything you do in class is measured off your individual FTP, so everyone is on the same playing field. What's next, go enjoy a ride at your individual power level.


This is what you will see during your workout. The circles at the top of the screen show you your bike and the power level you are currently achieving, marked by a specific color. The chart at the bottom of the screen shows you what intervals are coming next so there are no surprises in your workout. You know what to expect, you are able to achieve it and everyone's getting fit together with some pumping music.


Another look at a class outline. The instructor maps your class for you, showing how many minutes and intervals you are in each zone. The screen even counts down for you so you know exactly how long to give your best effort or how long you have left to recover. It's exciting technology that is going to have you making amazing, trackable improvements in your fitness. Come try a class today!  


Kids Bootcamp – Coming this Summer

Get excited for another summer of great fitness, for your kids! Kids Bootcamp will be held in two sessions this summer and will be both inside and outside. It will include group strength, speed and agility training, running and obstacles and a whole lot of fun. Look for more details coming in the May Newsletter!


Fitness and Personal Training

Take advantage of the Complimentary Fitness Assessment and meet with a Personal Trainer to help you reach your fitness goals!