March Newsletter 2022

Spring is just around the corner, and we have great programs starting this month to help you get ready for the warmer days ahead. Whether you are gearing up for summer races, looking to tackle a new sport, or just trying to shed the COVID pounds before summer arrives, now is the time to act. Check out these great programs.



Mon | Wed | Fri @ 5 AM
Next Session: March 14 – May 6
$85 Members | $135 Non-Members

Bootcamp is an hour class designed to help you improve your overall fitness. In Bootcamp, we never do the same workout twice. We use sleds, ropes, kettlebells, and weights for the ultimate cardio cross-training. We also use the cycling room on Wednesdays for a mid-week challenge. You can make the workout as high or low impact as desired. This class is for all levels!

Price includes a one-hour workout, three times a week, a body fat analysis and measurements at the start and finish of the 8-weeks, and an 8-week diet plan.


Tues | Thurs @ 6 PM
Next Session: March 15th to May 5th
$80 Members | $120 Non-Members

Price includes a one-hour workout twice a week, a body fat analysis and measurements at the start and finish of the 8-weeks, and an 8-week diet plan. Aqua works on the board once per week and on the deck once per week. It is good for every fitness level and very low impact. We start on the board with bodyweight exercises and build up to bands and weighted exercises. It is great for balance and core stability. Come join this very supportive group of people!

To sign up for Bootcamp and Aqua Bootcamp, contact Becky Buck at [email protected].


Ladies Who Lift - A Women's Only Weightlifting Class by Coach K of 4300SC
6-Week Program: Mon & Thurs @ 10:15-11:15 AM
Next Session: March 14 - April 21
$79 Members

Ladies Who Lift is a new class at the OAC designed to help women who are ready to start strength training but don't know where to begin. This class is designed to teach you how to lift weights properly so you can train with confidence. Ladies Who Lift is open to all ages and levels of experience.

Ladies Who Lift was created to help women build confidence. This class will help you focus on what your body can do, not just what your body looks like. We will create a foundation of strength that will support your goals inside and outside the gym.

"As a coach and trainer, I love watching the self-esteem and confidence in my clients grow. One of my goals is to get a barbell in the hands of every woman I train. Strength training and lifting weights have helped me so much as a person, and I can't wait for other women to experience this as well." – Coach K

To sign up for Ladies Who Lift contact Krystykka @ [email protected] or (715) 379-7537.


Youth weightlifting and strength training has been shown to reduce the risk of injury, improve joint flexibility, core strength, and improve sports performance. Our youth 4300 weightlifting class is the best way to create a great foundation for the future, build strength, build confidence, and build resilience in youth athletes. Our next session will start on March 14!


This class utilizes functional movements, speed and agility, conditioning, and weight training to provide the perfect base to elevate your kids to their fullest athletic potential! Our next session will start on March 15.

Contact Krystykka at [email protected] or 715-379-7537 to sign up or with any questions!


Have you been sticking to your New Year's resolution of working out hard but not seeing the results you want? It might be time to dial in your nutrition. Finding the right foods in the right amounts is the key to getting your body in the shape you desire. Contact Krystykka at [email protected] to schedule your free nutrition consultation to see how Elevated Nutrition can help you.


Your fitness journey doesn't have to cost extra. We have a group fitness class schedule featuring 70+ classes per week, all included in your membership. There is something for everyone, from Body Pump to Gentle Yoga, from BodyCombat martial arts cardio conditioning to next-level cycling classes with our Stages Studio programming.

March 18th & 19th Join us for the ultimate fitness party as we introduce our new Les Mills workouts. Grab some new gear from Zyia Fitness Wear representative, and OAC member, Whitney Casey. Bring a friend, if they join you could win a $100 Gift Card to ZYIA!


Congratulations to our amazing members that killed the 100-mile cycling challenge! Over 30 members successfully completed this challenge! If you haven't tried one of our cycling classes yet, it's time to check it out. We use an amazing program called Stages Studio to give you a fantastic ride at any fitness level. You can book your bike by downloading the StagesStudio+ app:




Haley Clause is an incredible Personal Trainer! Haley was recommended to me last fall when I was struggling with a knee replacement, I had a few months previously. She is very knowledgeable about Human Anatomy and how to strengthen your body and feel your best physical self. I wouldn't be where I am today with Haley's help and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her!!
-Micky J.


"My name is Diane Harding, and I am 71 years old. I have been going to strength and conditioning for several years and I would like to share my feelings about exercise and its benefits as a senior.

When I first started going to strength and conditioning, I was a person in my 60s. I was so out of shape I couldn't carry my own 15lb bar. My coaches spent time getting the things I needed for my workout. They were willing to help me in every way and made me feel worthwhile and never made me feel a burden. I was even in a class with my granddaughter and her husband who are conscious about being fit. I was in over my head, but my coaches encouraged me every step of the way.

I gradually found I could set up my own weights and things I needed for my workout and found strength that I didn't know I had. One of the most surprising benefits of strength and conditioning was the improvement to my lungs. I have sung all my life and as I got older I found breath control was not as easy as when I was younger. I found breathing became easier and I had more breath for long notes. I found I was more flexible and my balance improved. I found my blood pressure dropped 10 points on days I exercise. My body feels stronger and I have more interest in life.

I am a work in progress, but Coach K and Coach Jill are on this journey with me. I have made wonderful friendships with class members (some of them are even the same age as my grandchildren!) Strength and conditioning isn't scary with friends and coaches behind you. Come join us! You will be happy when you do!"

- Diane Harding, 71

4300 Strength and conditioning is for all ages and all skill levels! Contact Krystykka today to start your free trial. [email protected]



  • Use your phone to track sets, weights, etc.
  • Use your phone as a timer
  • Look at your calendar to schedule an upcoming group fitness class or personal training session


  • Hog equipment, by resting on it and scrolling through your emails, music list, or social media
  • Talk on your phone. Again, people are generally there to work out and do not appreciate overhearing your conversations.
  • Take pictures or talk on the phone in the locker room.





Junior Lounge and Kids Club hours are as follows:

Mon – Fri: 3:30 - 8:30 PM
Sat: 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Mon/Wed: 9 AM – NOON & 4:30-7:30 PM
Tues/Thurs: 8:30 AM – NOON & 4:30-7:30 PM
Fri/Sat: 9 AM – NOON



We accept and process all changes to your membership through email. Please send your requests to [email protected]. Simply write an email to us with the changes you would like to make to your account.