Personal Training

Free Jump Start Class

Included in your membership is a Free Jump Start -1 Hour Fitness Session with a Fitness Professional. During this time you will learn more about your current fitness level, your fitness options,  your nutrition and your customized path to realistic goals, and how to being successful in our health and wellness journey. We are here to help you be successful.


One-on-One Personal Training

Overcome your fitness plateau and get more out of your work out with a personal trainer. Working with a personal trainer guarantees faster results. Each of our personal trainers has received certification through the industry’s most comprehensive fitness training programs and are all certified through NCCA accredited training providers.

All trainers will work with clients on the following key components to fitness:

  • nutrition and health planning
  • circuit training
  • stress management
  • endurance
  • core building
  • injury prevention


Small Group Training

Strength Development

12- week Program

  • Traditional Strength Training Format: Progressive Overload, Functional Strength, Hypertrophy, Power & Athleticism
  • Build muscle strength and power over 12 weeks and learn how to change body composition
  • Small Group Training Format - Individualized Attention and Coaching
  • Coached by some of our most seasoned trainers: Mickenzie Brooks, Camille Kent, McKenna Martin, & Nicole McConkie
  • Includes Simple Nutrition Guidance & Goal Tracking, together with pre/post-session Body Fat Testing
  • Free form workout - meaning nothing is to the beat and is coached in reps, sets, and timing intervals.

Program Cost

$195 for 12 weeks / Billed $65 /month


4300'SC - Ladies Who Lift 

Spots are almost filled up for one of OAC's most popular classes! Our first Ladies Who Lift class of 2024 will start Monday January 15. Ladies Who Lift is designed for women of all levels. Whether you are brand new to the gym and lifting, or have years of experience, LWL will help you learn proper technique, gain strength, and build confidence! 

6 Weeks | January 15 - February 21
Monday & Wednesday – 10:00am
$85 for OAC members
If you are interested in learning more or signing up, contact Krystykka at [email protected]!

“Krystykka’s class was wonderful! It had been several years since I seriously lifted weights, so I was looking for some guidance regarding technique and routine. Krystykka is so kind, and she takes the time to make sure everyone feels comfortable and understands the movements. It’s a great class for new and experienced weightlifters alike.”

"I loved this class. Krystykka is an excellent instructor. She is patient and monitors each individual to be sure the proper form is being used. Will definitely take the Ladies Who Lift class again!" 

"I am a senior who NEVER lifted weights before, but "Ladies Who Lift" sounded non threatening, so I signed up this summer. It was not easy, but Krystykka always warmed us up thoroughly, and taught us the correct way to do each lift. My biggest concern was the possibility of injury, but because of Krystykka's great training I've gotten healthier and stronger and am committed to continue with this program. Y'all should try it! It's actually fun!"