Elevate Your Life

Strength and Conditioning

At 4300’ Strength and Conditioning we focus on the fundamentals of movement through various modalities such as weightlifting, high and low intensity workouts, gymnastics, functional movement, and mobility to help increase functional strength and elevate your life to its fullest potential.

Our goal is to increase functional strength for the average person through movement.

By using the fundamentals of movement through various modalities, our goal is to increase functional strength.

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 Youth Strength and Conditioning

Our program is designed to improve youth athletic performance in a safe, fun, and positive environment. By working on speed, agility, functional movements, strength, and conditioning we hope to provide a solid base to help today’s youth elevate to their fullest potential.

Our programming is designed by D1 strength and conditioning coach Derek Luken and head coach of 4300’SC Krystykka Luken.

The weather is starting to get colder, so it’s time to get your kids moving again! Come join our new youth strength and conditioning program at the Ogden Athletic Clubs. For $85 your kids will spend 6 weeks gaining the skills and strength needed to keep them motivated and competitive during the off season. Our program is designed by 4300’ SC’s head coach Krystykka Luken and D1 strength and conditioning coach Derek Luken.

Interested in Olympic Lifting then this is the place.  We have classes available or take private coaching to maximize your performance.